Grantham Collective Sale

03 May, 2017 10:00 AM



Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 10am to 4pm and saleday 8.30am to 10am.

Order of sale.

Lots 1- 708 will commence at 10am Wednesday 3rd May 2017 from saleroom 1. (live webcast)

Lots 1001- 1126 will commence at 11am Wednesday 2nd May 2017 from saleroom 2, 3 and 4. (non live webcast)

Lots 2001- 2158 will commence immediately after lot 708 of the live sale has been sold from saleroom 1. (non live webcast)

710 lots in this sale
Lot Description Estimate
1 A 20thC porcelain plate 100-200
2 An early 20thC brass carriage clock 50-80
3 An Edwardian silver sugar box 60-80
4 An early 20thC Swiss Black Forest oak mantel cuckoo clock 30-50
5 A George VI silver three piece bachelor's tea service 280-350
6 An Edwardian Scottish silver Art Nouveau bowl 500-800
7 A 19thC Gorham MFG Providence copper coffee pot
8 A mid 20thC Smiths electric railway type clock 30-50
9 A pair of Victorian silver gilt spoons 150-250
10 A Japanese Meiji period bronze jardiniere 300-500
10A A Queen Victoria full gold sovereign 180-220
11 An Edwardian Welsh Ewenny Pottery figure of a cat 400-600
12 Various Swarovski crystal ornaments
13 A mid 20thC Studio glass bowl
14 A set of five modern pottery sculptures
15 A late 19thC photograph album 500-800
16 An iron pestle and mortar 120-160
17 An early bronze pestle and mortar 400-600
18 Lucas (20thC School). Napoleon Bonaparte 50-80
19 A heavily carved hardwood Indian figure group 50-80
20 A pair of Regency style cast metal cherub garniture groups
21 A comprehensive Royal Worcester Evesham part dinner service
22 Various Royal Worcester Evesham pattern serving pieces
23 An early 20thC part inlaid rosewood glove box 30-50
24 A late 19thC rosewood part inlaid and painted travel box 60-80
25 An early 20thC teething ring
26 Various early 20thC and later pipes 20-40
27 Various 20thC cloisonne ware
28 Cloquet (Jules). Anatomie De L'Homme 80-120
29 A 19thC mahogany Turriff District CR Books box
30 An early 20thC silver and cut glass perfume bottle 25-35
31 A 20thC cut glass and silver decanter 25-35
32 A student's brass microscope
33 A 20thC Hamilton wristwatch 20-30
34 A late 19th/early 20thC pocket watch 150-250
35 A 22ct gold plain wedding band 100-150
36 Various silver teaspoons with differing golfing emblems 30-50
37 A sapphire set tennis bracelet 350-550
38 A yellow metal fancy link flexible bracelet 300-500
39 A sapphire and diamond bracelet 100-150
40 A set of six EPBM teaspoons 30-50
41 A 19thC Dutch cream jug 100-200
42 A 19thC hand painted and gilt highlighted part dessert service
43 A ladies sapphire and diamond half eternity ring 150-250
44 Wright (James). Of The Middle Temple
45 An Art Deco diamond and sapphire cluster ring 700-1000
46 A mid 20thC brass desk lamp
47 A cultured pearl necklace 15-30
48 A late Victorian and other three piece dressing table set
49 A cultured pearl necklace 220-280
50 An original plush jointed Paddington Bear 80-120
51 A 20thC silver plated four piece tea service 25-35
52 A late 19thC Old Sheffield plate sugar casket 20-40
53 Various bank notes coins etc.
54 After Barye (1796-1875). Recumbent panther 70-100
55 A John B Mennie hunter pocket watch 30-50
56 Various Royal commemorative
57 A 9ct gold sapphire dress ring 100-150
58 A five point skeletal antler set 50-100
59 A fan shaped marcasite brooch 120-180
60 A six point skeletal antler set 50-100
61 A five point skeletal antler set 50-100
62 A ladies three stone diamond ring 150-180
63 A Royal Worcester Palissy Game Series part service
64 Withdrawn pre-sale. A costume brooch
65 Camera equipment lens etc.
66 A late 1980's Mickey Mouse articulated telephone
67 Various compacts
68 Various bygones
69 Grantham Interest. A wooden pub sign
70 Grantham Interest. A wooden and Perspex style pub sign
71 Grantham Interest. A large painted and stencilled metal pub sign
72 Various bygones and jewellery
73 A pair of sapphire and diamond ear studs
74 An 18ct yellow gold oval shaped diamond and sapphire cluster ring
75 A ladies opal claw set dress ring 20-30
76 An 18ct gold wedding band 40-60
77 A mid 20thC ladies 9ct gold cocktail watch 30-50
78 An early 20thC 9ct gold gate bracelet 100-150
79 An early 20thC brooch 25-45
80 A George VI silver part enamel and mirrored powder compact 20-40
81 A George V half sovereign 60-80
82 Various silver plate 50-80
83 Three various printers
84 A Hewlett Packard HP colour printer
85 A Dell 24" colour monitor
86 A Dell 24" monitor
87 A Dell 28" monitor
88 A Dell 28" monitor
89 A Dell 30" monitor
90 An iMac 20.5" monitor and keyboard.
91 An iMac 20.5" monitor and keyboard.
92 An iMac 15" monitor and keyboard.
93 A Toshiba 32" colour television
94 A Phillips 42" colour flat screen television
95 Various televisions
96 A Technika 23" colour television
97 A Polaroid 32" colour television
98 A Ferguson 15.5" television
99 A Tailgater portable sound system amplifier
100 Various cameras
101 Various computer equipment
102 Various electrical and other equipment
103 A French pocket watch 130-160
104 Two carving sets
105 An Edwardian part fluted silver cream jug 20-30
106 A pair of Elizabeth II silver dwarf candlesticks 15-25
107 Three dressing table items 20-40
108 An engine turned cigarette box 40-80
109 A collection of small silver 50-80
110 Various items of German white metal and silver plate 50-80
111 Various items of Continental white metal 30-50
112 A quantity of Continental and English silver plate 200-400
113 A set of six George V silver teaspoons 20-40
114 A silver mounted three piece part dressing table set 50-80
115 An Elizabeth II Scottish silver kilt pin or brooch
116 A Scottish Sgian-dubh knife
117 An Edwardian oval silver basket 10-20
118 A late Victorian silver pepper mill 10-20
119 A collection of small silver 15-25
120 Two Victorian silver vesta cases 30-50
121 A collection of silver and plate
122 A late 19thC polished mahogany deep glazed frame
123 Various modern fishing rods
124 Metalware bygones etc.
125 Various tribal items
126 Various tribal African and other wares
127 Various treen collectables etc. 20-40
128 Various bygones and collectables 20-40
129 A mid 20thC blue glass handkerchief vase
130 An M Chilz stoneware jug 15-25
131 An Edwardian silver and moulded glass inverted decanter 40-80
132 An early 20thC American glass decanter or scent bottle 30-50
133 Various glass paperweights 60-80
134 Various early 20thC and other studio glass 40-80
135 Various studio and other glassware 20-40
136 Various early 20thC postcards
137 A late 19thC silver plated bottle coaster
138 A 19thC Old Sheffield plate coffee pot
139 An early 20thC rosewood flute
140 An early 20thC German bronze figure
141 A Victorian rococo style ink stand
142 A decorative Baccarat style paperweight
143 A jadeite and silver desk seal
144 An Edwardian amethyst brooch
145 A Birkenhead pottery tin glazed vase 100-200
146 A S Cheine West German cased Miroflex ear gauge
147 A bygone long bow
148 Various African hardwood tribal and other items
149 A ladies half eternity ring 20-40
150 Two ladies dress rings 20-40
151 A mid 20thC carved wooden jewellery casket
152 A modern polished yew wood finish jewellery box
153 A Queen Elizabeth II silver cream jug
154 Various First Day Covers to include Coronation 1953
155 Various early 20thC and later postcards
156 A mid 20thC gilt coloured part tea service 10-20
157 A Chinese Ming style celadon bowl 150-180
158 A Royal Crown Derby Collector's Guild paperweight 20-40
159 A plain standard postage album
160 Gould (R F). The History Of Freemasonry
161 Four early 20thC ivory scale rules 15-30
162 A 1900's 2' four fold ivory rule 30-50
163 An 1850s 2' four fold ivory rule 30-50
164 A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch
165 Various GB and Ireland proof coin sets 20-30
166 A mid 20thC gold plated gentleman's Elgin hunter pocket watch 25-45
167 A polished green jade figure of a lion 100-150
168 Various Victorian and other coins 20-30
169 A WWI medal duo 20-30
170 Various keys
171 A 20thC Chinese jade style figure of a toad 80-120
172 Various GB coin sets 20-30
173 A late 19th/early 20thC Chinese bronze Buddha figure 30-50
174 A mid 20thC autograph book 30-50
175 A porcelain eye bath 600-800
176 A 20thC hunting whip brooch
177 A 20thC green jade brooch 300-500
178 An early medieval metal thimble 30-50
179 A 20thC Chinese green jade carving 80-120
180 A gentleman's Rotary wristwatch
181 A tri-colour jade pendant carving 50-80
182 Various medical books 140-180
183 The Life And Works Of Lord Byron
184 A cast metal plaque 30-50
185 A late 19thC ebonised mantel clock
186 An Edwardian and mahogany boxwood strung mantel clock
187 A miniature travelling chess set
188 A Victorian silver and two coloured stoneware jug 30-50
189 Various bygones
190 An early 19thC rosewood tea caddy 25-35
191 Various bygones
192 Three various 20thC paperweights
193 A quantity of various keys
194 Various brassware
195 An early 20thC mahogany and marquetry circular hanging barometer
196 An early 20thC mahogany cased student's microscope 30-50
197 A quantity of various hand tools
198 An early 20thC Doulton Improved pottery foot warmer
199 A mid 20thC Mamod style table top stationary engine
200 Various bottles of port 30-50
201 Three various Arts and Crafts bowls
202 Sundry wares
203 An early 20thC Royal Doulton Lambeth stoneware pottery jardiniere 30-50
204 An early 20thC Royal Doulton pottery jardiniere 30-50
205 A Winston Churchill commemorative crystal and etched glass drinking glass
206 Various glassware 30-50
207 A late 19thC Royal Crown Derby muffin dish
208 An Inca unglazed pottery figure of a standing Inca god 150-250
209 An Inca style unglazed pottery figure 150-250
210 Three various early 20thC figure groups of miniature Native Indians
211 Two Qing style heavy brass Chinese bowls
212 Sundry china cabinet cups
213 A mid 20thC retro Bush radio
214 A mid 20thC leather cased travelling box set
215 A framed set of three late 19thC pottery tiles
216 Various army related items
217 Various Teddy bears
218 An early 20thC table weighing scale
219 Three Middle Eastern vessels
220 A mid 19thC mahogany campaign writing box
221 A Victorian fruit basket pattern part dessert service
222 Various die-cast and other vehicles
223 Various die-cast
224 Various die-cast models of locomotives
225 Various Corgi Classics die-cast trams
226 Various Whimsie and other figures
227 An early 20thC Doulton Reliable Patent stoneware foot warmer
228 Books
229 Various collectables
230 Various Del Prado metal soldiers
231 Various Airfix soldier groups
232 Various Technical Technic Lego
233 A mid 20thC Tri-ang cargo ship model
234 Various bygone toys
235 Various die-cast vehicles
236 Various Torquay ware pottery
237 Various Torquay ware pottery
238 Various Torquay ware pottery
239 Various modern collectors' stamps and related ephemera
240 Various World used low denomination coins
241 Various bygones
242 Various collectables
243 Various early 20thC and later postcards
244 Various lace bobbins
245 Various mid 20thC plastic soldiers
246 Bygones
247 A Beswick pottery matte finish lying fox
248 A Beswick pottery duck
249 Various Beswick
250 A modern polished wooden Internature and other bow and arrow set
251 An early 20thC brass vessel 50-80
252 Various brass wall hangings 30-50
253 An Ay-12 15X metal cased table microscope
254 Various silver plated and other metalware
255 A fencing sword
256 Various metalware 30-50
257 Various metalware 50-80
258 Various metalware 60-80
259 Various Victorian and other pewter 80-120
260 Various modern fishing rods
261 Various split cane and other bygone fishing rods
262 An early to mid 20thC concert guitar zither
263 Various camera equipment
264 Various golf balls
265 A 20thC retro standard lamp
266 An early 20thC brass framed fire screen
267 Various decorative shades
268 Various mid 20thC and later glass shades
269 Various wicker ware baskets
270 Two late 19thC/early 20thC polished four pronged stools 40-60
271 A five point skeletal antler set 50-100
272 A Chinese porcelain Ming style dish 60-80
273 A polished mahogany finish and brass inlaid campaign style jewellery casket
274 An early 19thC Pearlware dish by Swansea 30-50
275 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware basket stand 25-40
276 A 19thC Riley's semi China Pearlware dish 20-30
277 A Royal Crown Derby frog paperweight 20-30
278 A 20thC Chinese pottery plant stand
279 A 20thC Japanese samurai sword and black lacquer scabbard 250-350
280 A large highly decorative wooden model of a rearing horse
281 Two modern hardwood panels
282 A set of four framed fans by Renbo Nian 500-800
283 Two modern trellis carvings
284 A modern hardwood carving of a Middle Eastern god
285 A modern carving of an Indian god
286 A modern wooden carving of an Indian god group
287 A pair of late 19thC Minton majolica figures 300-500
288 A near matching pair of modern painted pierced panels of Indian gods
289 Champion (F.W.). With a Camera in Tiger-Land 70-100
290 Russow (K.E.). Bruno Liljefors An Appreciation ONE OF 1000 50-80
291 A Meiji period Japanese porcelain vase 100-150
292 Various bygones
293 A Chinese porcelain Daya Zhai vase 600-800
294 A leather finished document wallet
295 Taschen. GOAT 40-60
296 An early 20thC African tribal hardwood head 25-40
297 A 20thC heavily carved ebony African tribal figural head 25-40
298 Various metalware
299 A 20thC Leonardo collection Art Deco style pottery figure of a lady 25-40
300 Various mid 20thC treen
301 A Nao figure group 20-30
302 A 20thC JAPY metal milk churn
303 A 20thC Nao figure 20-30
304 An early 20thC copper coal bucket
305 An early 20thC Royal Doulton Memories jug 40-60
306 19thC English School. Portrait of a bearded gentleman 100-150
307 A mid 20thC painted rocking horse 35-50
308 19thC School. Cattle grazing by a stream 100-150
309 Various brassware 25-35
310 19thC English School. Horses and stream before castle turret
311 After Lionel Edwards (1878-1966). The Cottesmore Hunt coloured print 60-80
312 David Glouck RWS NEAC (1939-2007). Sanungiorgi Venice
313 E Handley (20thC). The Flying Scotsman
314 A late 20thC Metamec retro Starburst wall clock 50-80
315 After D Wolstenholme. Coursing Plate 1 print 20-30
316 20thC School. Figure playing musical instrument
317 C H Greaves (1882-1966). Portrait of a child
318 A 19thC long case clock 100-150
319 An early 20thC pine bow fronted plank top serving table
320 A near matching pair of early 20thC oak coat stands
321 A mahogany finish office side table
322 A 19thC style club fender
323 A pair of early 20thC deep leather library armchairs
324 A late 19thC mahogany library bookcase
325 A late 19thC mahogany and walnut library bookcase
326 Three various late 19thC mahogany curtain rails
327 A modern hardwood dining suite 50-80
328 A George III and later oak bureau bookcase 50-80
329 An early 20thC pine French armoire wardrobe
330 A light oak freestanding open bookcase
330A A Victorian walnut boxwood and satinwood inlaid break front credenza 300-500
331 An early 20thC mahogany display cabinet
332 A nest of four Chinese polished mahogany finished tables
333 A Blooch rug 40-60
334 A pair of late 19thC oak Gothic style hall chairs
335 A pair of 20thC Victorian style open spoon back chairs
336 Three 1960's Danish teak and metal framed dining chairs
337 A Regency style mahogany circular dining table 200-300
338 A 20thC ash finish rush seated child's chair
339 A modern Ercol dark wood dining table 100-150
340 A modern retro side table
341 An early 20thC walnut and ebonised occasional table
342 A set of five (4 +1) late Hepplewhite revival mahogany stained chairs 40-60
343 A 20thC hardwood and mother-of-pearl finish Indian plant stand
344 A modern Harden bijouterie style display cabinet
345 An early 20thC bamboo side table
346 An early 20thC ebonised and mother-of-pearl occasional table
347 An early 20thC mahogany framed ottoman workbox
348 A George III style mahogany butler's tray
349 An 18thC style Virginia type mahogany serpentine chest
350 A 20thC freestanding hardwood bookcase
351 A late Victorian mahogany framed open salon chair
352 A set of four retro bentwood oak chairs
353 A modern high back Windsor chair 70-100
354 An early 20thC French oak occasional table
355 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table 50-70
356 A pair of mid 20thC French bedside cabinets
357 A highly elaborate early 20th sea chest
358 A late 19thC Australia related sea chest
359 A late 19thC light oak wind out dining room table
360 An early 19thC mahogany drop leaf table
361 An Edwardian mahogany boxwood strung tub chair
362 An Edwardian mahogany framed armchair
363 A modern open chair
364 A mid 20thC French stained hardwood open bookcase
365 An early 20thC French side cabinet
366 A mid 20thC stained beech commode
367 An early 20thC French oak and pine kist
368 A George III mahogany corner washstand
369 A brass Corinthian column standard lamp
369A A 20thC brass Corinthian column lamp
370 A modern oriental design hardwood cabinet
371 An early 20thC stained pine freestanding open bookcase 40-80
372 A Victorian stained mahogany bookcase 30-50
373 A 19thC walnut and mahogany fire screen 40-60
374 An early 20thC oak stained Wernicke style bookcase 60-80
375 A modern polished wooden die cast hanging display cabinet
376 A 20thC mahogany hanging bookcase
377 A George III mahogany pad foot table 60-80
378 A late 19thC Persian carpet runner 60-80
379 A George II style walnut stained dressing table stool 50-80
380 A 19thC mahogany table mirror 30-50
381 A 19thC mahogany and satinwood Sheraton revival tea tray 25-35
382 An early 19thC mahogany dropleaf Pembroke table 40-60
383 A 19thC burr walnut miniature Wellington chest 200-300
384 An early late 18th and early 19thC oak corner cupboard on associated stand
385 A George I style walnut stool 50-80
386 An early 19thC mahogany bow front chest 100-150
387 A late 19thC mahogany occasional table 30-50
388 A 19thC ash and elm captain's chair 50-80
389 A 19thC ash and elm captain's chair 50-80
390 A 19thC ash and elm slat back grandfather chair 40-60
391 An early 20thC Carolean style leather and oak armchair
392 A pair of 19thC oak framed library tub chairs 80-120
393 An 18thC oak chest 100-200
394 A set of three early 20thC bobbin turned and ladderback chairs
395 An unusual early 20thC Arts and Crafts side chair 30-50
396 A heavy French refectory table 400-600
397 A heavy Continental hardwood sideboard 200-400
398 A late 19th/early 20thC heavily carved oak Carolean style chair 40-80
399 A nest of modern metal framed and smoke glass coffee tables
400 A 19thC mahogany bow front sideboard 80-120
401 An 19thC mahogany chest 80-120
402 An Edwardian mahogany firescreen 30-50
403 Spare Lot.
404 A near matching pair of 20thC mahogany occasional tables 25-35
405 An Edwardian mahogany bureau 25-45
406 A 19thC mahogany table mirror 20-40
407 After Archibald Thornburn. Blue tits on a tree bough 100-200
408 Timothy Phillip Craig (fl 96). Skipping Hoop
409 Two 1920's Les Dimanches magazine covers
410 Alfred East (1844-1913). View In Algeciras
411 A Hamadan rug 70-100
412 A Hamadan rug 70-100
413 An Ardebil rug 70-100
414 A Boaluch rug 60-80
415 A Mahad rug 70-100
416 An Azabaijan style carpet 70-100
417 A Waring & Gillows part dining room suite
418 A modern green leather lounge suite
419 A late 19th/early 20thC black leather button back chesterfield settee
420 A modern chesterfield settee
421 A pair of modern lounge armchairs
422 A 20thC French chestnut armoire
423 A Knoll style lightwood three seater sofa
424 A George III style mahogany corner display cabinet 30-50
425 Various books
426 Various books
427 Various Folio Society books
428 Various Folio Society and other books
429 A modern Gainsborough style open office chair
430 A late 19thC stained mahogany and pine Black Forest wall clock 15-30
431 A pair of late 19thC ash and elm country chairs 40-60
432 An early 19thC mahogany supper table 100-200
433 An early 20thC twin pedestal desk 100-150
434 Spare Lot.
435 A late 19thC Middle Eastern rug 40-60
436 A Middle Eastern carpet runner 60-80
437 A mahogany D-end shelf
438 An early 19thC mahogany table mirror
439 A 20thC mahogany finish side cabinet
440 A modern Chinese pottery elephant vase stand
441 A near matching pair of mahogany finish side tables
442 Various modern mirrors
443 A 19thC scumbled pine tool chest
444 A 19thC style French hardwood chest
445 A modern French style hardwood coopered pail
446 A modern Samsung No Frost fridge
447 A Miele vacuum cleaner
448 A modern Samsung upright Lift and Clean vacuum cleaner
449 A Dyson DC24 upright vacuum cleaner
450 A Goodmans 2 in 1 Compact Vac
451 A modern John Lewis washing machine
452 Spare Lot.
453 A modern Gainsborough style armchair
454 A mid 20thC physician's lamp
455 Gordon Beningfield (d 1998). Field mice in a naturalistic setting
456 Spare Lot 0
457 Spare Lot
458 An early 20thC gilt wood frame
459 A modern lacquer finish musical photograph album
460 An early 20thC brass oil lamp
461 A mid 20thC Burleigh Ware handpainted bowl
462 A Fairylite child's toy cash register
463 Various metalware
464 Various cameras
465 Two late Victorian photograph albums
466 An early 20thC copper and brass spirit kettle on stand
467 Various postcards
468 Various Union and Confederate miniature plastic soldiers 3cm high
469 A speculaas plank double sided biscuit mould 60-80
470 A modern Superman Man of Steel plastic figure
471 A mid 19thC copper and brass samovar 60-80
472 A cased set of eight Elizabeth II teaspoons
473 Various modern Parker ballpoint pens
474 A late 19th/early 20thC rustic stool
475 A set of three 19thC handpainted dessert plates
476 Three various late 19th/early 20thC painted cabinet plates
477 An early 20thC Hammersley bone china part coffee service 20-40
478 An early 20thC Royal Worcester bone china part tea service 40-80
479 A late 19thC Court China coffee can set
480 An early 20thC Meissen porcelain bocage dish 20-40
481 An Encret Parian figure 20-40
482 19thC German porcelain figure group 20-40
483 A late 19th/early 20thC porcelain figure 80-120
484 An early 20thC Sitzendorf porcelain cabinet cup and saucer 15-20
485 A pair of late 19th/early 20thC Sitzendorf porcelain figures 30-50
486 A set of four Elizabeth II silver candlesticks 100-200
487 A Royal Crown Derby matched Imari and other similar part tea service 80-120
488 A mid-19thC English porcelain part dessert service 180-250
489 An early 18thC Kangxi style Chinese porcelain bowl 100-150
490 A Chinese porcelain Tongzhi period bowl 300-500
491 A Meiji period Japanese bronze figure of a skull 80-120
492 A modern silver and oak bottle coaster
493 A set of early 20thC etched and clear glass coasters
494 Various pottery and porcelain
495 A 19thC French Marc porcelain clock 30-50
496 A 19thC Sevres style bowl
497 Seven various early 19thC glass saucers
498 An early 20thC porcelain part dessert service
499 A pair of cut glass bon bon dishes
500 A 20thC cut glass mallet shaped decanter
501 Various 19thC and other glassware
502 An early 19thC cut glass jug
503 A set of six George VI silver teaspoons
504 An early 20thC Benton Loughborough wooden and metal paper trimmer
505 Bygones
506 Cigarette and trade cards
507 Bygones
508 Various souvenir spoons
509 Various cap badges
510 A George V silver half hunter pocket watch
511 Various records
512 Various vintage and retro audio equipment
513 A set of three early 20thC Continental porcelain vases 50-80
514 Various decanters
515 A Susie Cooper Glen Mist bone china part service
516 A Herend Hungary hand painted vase
517 Various pottery
518 Various Carltonware Beswick and other modern pottery
519 A Hermes Taurillon Clemence two coloured shoulder bag 3500-4500
520 A Chanel Petit Shopping Tote bag 400-600
521 A Prada small Pattina Gaufre Nappa shoulder bag 300-500
522 A Gianni Versace Couture black quilted patent leather shoulder bag 300-500
523 Various 130 2 scale plastic soldiers
524 Various books 50-80
525 A mid 20thC metal articulated arm workman's lamp
526 *A modern tailor's mannequin dummy
527 A Bonavia gentleman's bygone bicycle
528 A ladies Raleigh Impulse 12 speed racer bicycle
529 A Halfords Commodore gentleman's bicycle
530 A modern Cube Acid gentleman's mountain bicycle
531 An early 20thC cast iron radiator
532 A Hayter Spirit 41 electric lawn mower
533 A Flymo electric folding lawn mower
534 A Toro 600 series folding rotomower
535 Various modern camping equipment
536 Various electrical and power tools
537 An auto feed cordless painting system
538 A modern Homebase gas barbecue
539 Various modern tools
540 Four various tool boxes
541 Seven various tool boxes
542 Two Ketter plastic heavy duty tool boxes
543 Two GVZ plastic heavy duty tool or travelling boxes
544 A modern Black & Decker tool chest
545 A modern heavy duty plastic tool cabinet
546 A heavy duty plastic Forget Steel tool chest
547 A modern Velbon D-600 camera tripod
548 Four Keter heavy duty tool boxes
549 A modern Keter plastic tool chest
550 Four various heavy duty plastic tool chests
551 Six various heavy duty plastic tool chests
552 A heavy duty workman's tripod light
553 A 20thC Chinese design hardwood box
554 Various bygones
555 A bygone Wolsey Warning This Wire Fence Is Electrified tin sign
556 Various records
557 A Nurse Edith Cavell memoir
558 A Jacques (fl1897). Figure and stream before cottage and trees on a summer's day...
559 A modern Daiwa Altmoor 15ft Graphite fishing rod
560 A modern 16ft carbon fishing rod
561 A modern Daiwa Kevlar Damian 15ft fishing rod
562 Early to mid 20thC oak firescreen
563 A George III and later walnut and mahogany framed low boy 200-300
564 A ladies 9ct gold dress ring 50-80
565 Various associated jewellery items
566 An assortment of various jewellery 30-60
567 Four various silver and marcasite brooches 60-80
568 A 9ct gold ladies wristwatch 120-150
569 A gentleman's Omega Seamaster F300HZ 60-80
570 A ladies Princess cut diamond pave ring 150-180
571 Various jewellery and effects 20-40
572 Thirteen various assorted rings 20-40
573 Various assorted jewellery items
574 A ladies 18ct gold Omega cocktail watch 120-150
575 Various silver plate
577 Two gas masks in fitted tins
578 Various respiratory and gas masks
579 Two green canvas sleeping bags
580 A respiratory gas mask in green canvas case
581 Potter (Beatrix). Various Peter Rabbit series to include The Tail of Tom Kitten 20-30
582 Three 18thC style Dutch tin glazed tiles 30-50
583 A wooden hand mould 20-30
584 (Kuylman Door) H E Deboerdery. Book with collector's cards to the interior
585 Gumillet. Figures before cathedral
586 Two similar 18thC Dutch Delft blue and white tiles 30-50
587 An early 18thC Dutch delft blue and white tile 30-50
588 Various Royal commemorative wares 25-35
589 A Chinese porcelain blue and white saucer 100-150
590 Various metalware
591 A bell metal pestle and mortar 30-50
592 An early 20thC copper watering can 20-30
593 A heavy pewter flagon 15-25
594 Various brassware 20-40
595 Various brassware 30-50
596 Various metalware
597 Various photographs
598 A reproduction printed map of Nova Et Acurata Dotius America
599 Various pictures
600 Various pictures
601 Pictures
602 After Piguenit. Rowing boats on calm waters before trees
603 Various prints
604 After Lichtenstein. Wham print
605 *J Steven Dew and Dews (b1949). Sailing on calm waters
606 19thC Continental school. Ships on stormy seas before figures and cliffs
607 H H Bajphh (20thC Russian School). Mockobckhh Nepeyjiok Moscow Lane
608 Patrick Biggit (fl.1972). Impressionist harbour scene boats on calm waters
609 Pictures
610 20thC school. Garden shrubberies and hedgerow on a summer's day
611 Pictures
612 20thC School. Impressionist church scene
613 Coral Guest (20thC). Irises
614 After Thorburn. A Labour of Love 50-80
615 *Peter Scott (1909-1989). Birds in flight on a marshland 50-100
616 After Willmore. The Chief's Return From Deer Stalking
617 A modern large shag pile style woollen carpet in brown
618 Two Regency style painted wooden chairs
619 A mahogany twin pillar boardroom table
620 A set of drape curtains
621 A set of drape curtains
622 A set of drape curtains
623 A set of drape curtains
624 A set of drape curtains
625 A set of drape curtains
626 A set of drape curtains
627 Various floral pattern material curtains
628 A set of drape curtains
629 Two similar sets of drape curtains
630 Three single sets of similar drape curtains
631 A set of drape curtains
632 A set of drape curtains
633 A set of drape curtains
634 Two sets of similar drape curtains
635 A set of textured floral curtains
636 A pair of drape curtains
637 Two pairs of arched topped curtains
638 A set of drape curtains
639 A set of drape curtains
640 A set of drape curtains
641 A set of drape curtains
642 A set of drape style curtains
643 A set of material curtains
644 Various sets of plain part textured curtains
645 A set of drape curtains
646 Various material
647 An early 19thC mahogany fold over tea table 30-50
648 A woollen Peruvian style rug or throw
649 Various silver plate and metalware
650 Various decanters
651 A wicker basket hamper
652 A Concepts International woollen Nantucket rug
653 A comprehensive Royal Worcester Chelsea pattern part dinner service
654 An 18thC style rococo design wall mirror
655 A glass dome
656 Albert Henry Findley (1880-1975). Sheep amongst heather and trees before lake and... 60-80
657 Albert Henry Findley (1880-1975). Bluebells in a forest clearing before gate 100-150
658 Reginald Green (exh 1911-1938). The Cathedral Quimper
659 Albert Henry Findley (1880-1975). St Margaret's Church 50-80
660 Barry Linklater (20thC). Portrait quarter profile
661 A pair of late 19thC Old Sheffield plate candlesticks
662 20thC School. A watercolour study of summer fruits and flowers
663 Various modern DVDs
664 Various modern DVD feature films
665 A Beswick Scotty dog
666 A Navigation electric watch 100-150
667 An early 20thC gentleman's wristwatch
668 A quantity of early 20thC lantern slides
669 George Earl (1824-1908). Rough haired terrier
670 20thC School. Fish
671 Lance Holtby (20thC). The Mil
672 After Giles. The Quorn Hunt
673 A late 19thC frame
674 Various cameras
675 A set of four late Victorian walnut dining chairs
676 Bygones
677 Various celluloid headed dolls
678 18thC style Dutch School. Figures dancing before building on a summer's day
679 Various pre 1920's coins 25-35
680 Various pre-decimal mixed coins
681 Various George IV and later crowns 60-80
682 Various pre 1947 coinage 70-90
683 Various commemorative crowns
684 Various Wedgwood clear and etched glass paperweights 30-50
685 A stereoscopic viewer 30-50
686 An iMac 14" bubble TV
687 Various 19thC and other pottery
688 Various Royal Doulton figures 30-50
689 Various crystal
690 Various porcelain etc.
691 An early 20th Japanned mantel clock
692 A pair of classical design brass wall sconces
693 20thC Chinese School. Flowers
694 Reddish (Fl. 1894). Stream before trees on a summer's day
695 Various costume jewellery 50-80
696 A vintage Theatre Royal Lincoln poster
697 B Frewen (20thC). Lower Slaughter Gloucestershire
698 Various sheet music
699 Sue Davey (20thC). Yellow tulips
700 Sue Davey (20thC). Harbour Walls
701 20thC School. Continental street scene
702 Various golfing collectables
703 A set of four Hepplewhite design shield back mahogany dining chairs
704 Two reproduction cheese map of France prints
705 20thC School Chinese scroll 60-80
706 A Blooch rug 40-60
707 A late Victorian metal mesh work child's cot 50-80
708 Various brass and copper fireside implements