Grantham Collective Sale

05 April, 2017 10:00 AM










718 lots in this sale
Lot Description Estimate
1 An antique flintlock pistol 150-250
1A A Ford Fiesta Zetec TDCi three door hatchback in silver
2 A Hermes Taurillon Clemence two coloured shoulder bag 4000-6000
3 A Chanel Petit Shopping Tote bag 1000-1500
4 A Mulberry Del Rey bag 800-1200
5 A Gianni Versace Couture black quilted patent leather shoulder bag 750-850
6 A Prada small Pattina Gaufre Nappa shoulder bag 600-800
7 A pair of late Victorian Scottish silver dishes
8 A rare and early bronze wool weight
9 An early 20thC Royal Dux figure
10 A pair of late 19thC Minton majolica figures 400-600
11 A late 19thC Imari pattern jardiniere
12 An early 20thC metal barometer 50-80
13 A Victorian style brass hanging lantern
14 A mid-20thC Steiff Leo the lion
15 A Royal Albert Old Country Roses part dinner service
16 An Elliott walnut veneer mantel clock 40-60
17 A pair of 19thC Chelsea style figures
18 A 19thC amethyst necklace 300-500
19 A table-top specimen coin cabinet 150-250
20 A George III silver cake slice
21 A George III pictorial and motto sampler
22 A 1970'S Murano glass fish sculpture 200-300
23 A single stone princess and diamond ring 4000-6000
24 A diamond cut tennis bracelet 1200-1800
25 A single sapphire set dress ring 300-400
26 A sapphire set tennis bracelet 500-800
27 A single diamond set pendant 200-400
28 A pair of peg set single stone earrings 150-200
29 A sapphire set dress ring 300-500
30 A double bead neck chain 200-300
31 A ruby and diamond set bracelet 120-180
32 A pendant and earring set of sapphire drops below three tiny diamonds 120-180
33 A pendant set with a pear shaped ruby 150-200
34 A single tanzanite set dress ring 120-140
35 A cultured pearl necklace 300-500
36 A long guard chain
37 A 19thC rosewood jewellery casket
38 A cultured pearl bracelet 100-150
39 Two pairs of single stone cultured drop pearl earrings 50-80
40 An 18ct white gold single stone cultured pearl dress ring 100-150
41 A silver cased open faced pocket watch 40-60
42 A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch 30-50
43 A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch 30-50
44 A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch 60-80
46 Various pens
47 Various silver
48 A modern canteen of Viners bead plated cutlery
49 Two mid-20thC autograph books
50 An Elizabeth II campaign service medal
51 A Victorian .410 walking stick shotgun
52 A Russian 12 bore single barrel shotgun
53 An Unknown 12 bore single barrel shotgun
54 A Winchester 12 bore under and over double barrel shotgun
55 A Miroku 12 bore under and over double barrel shotgun
56 A Weihrauch HW80 5.5 kal (.22) air rifle.
57 A leather 12 bore cartridge belt and a gun sleeve. (2)
58 Two double side cases of tied fishing flies
59 A set of six early 20thC enamel and metal teaspoons
60 Various silver and other jewellery 20-40
61 A silver plated belt 20-40
62 A multicoloured necklace 30-50
63 A Celtic style brooch 20-40
64 An Indian bangle 25-35
65 An early 20thC drop pendent 30-50
66 An Edwardian elipse shaped memorial brooch 20-40
67 A jade finish brooch 30-50
68 An Edwardian flowerhead drop brooch 40-60
69 Various wrist and pocket watches 30-50
70 A late 19thC silver Albert watch chain 15-25
71 Various jewellery 20-40
72 A slender link necklace 30-50
73 A graduated amber style bead necklace 150-250
74 A rope twist necklace
75 An oval filigere style pendant
76 A ladies three stone diamond dress ring 100-150
77 An early to mid 20thC ladies cocktail watch 300-500
78 A small un-mounted diamond 80-120
79 A diamond pendant and chain 300-400
79A A pair of 18ct white gold diamond stud earrings 120-180
80 A belcher graduated Albert watch chain
81 A George VI silver cigarette case
82 A 9ct gold band
83 A cased George VI silver part engine turned travel set
84 Two Queen Elizabeth II various silver spirit labels
85 A George V silver two handled sugar bowl
86 A George V silver sauce boat
87 A George V silver basket dish
88 A 20thC brown leather horse riding saddle
89 A 19thC gilt metal mantel clock
90 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
91 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
92 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
93 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
94 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
95 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
96 A modern Citizen Eco-Drive gentleman's wristwatch
97 A Panasonic Viera 32" colour TV
98 Panasonic TX-40CS520B 40 inch Full HD Smart 1080p LED TV with Freetime 70-100
99 A Panasonic Viera TV
100 An early 20thC Royal Doulton Memories jug 40-60
101 An early 20thC Royal Doulton Memories jug 40-60
102 A late Meiji period Japanese Satsuma vase
103 A Beswick large daschund figure
104 A late 19th Continental Dux style porcelain figure
105 A pair of 19thC Staffordshire greyhound inkwell figures
106 A Beswick red jacketed huntsman on brown horse
107 A Beswick red jacketed huntsman on dapple grey horse
108 A Chinese porcelain Ming period dish
109 A 19thC Chinese porcelain blue and white charger
110 A Royal Crown Derby frog paperweight 30-50
111 A Royal Crown Derby Imari part tea service
112 A cased set of George VI silver teaspoons
113 A George V silver christening tankard
114 A cased gentleman's Seiko wristwatch
115 A 20thC Royal Dux figure of a recumbent stag
116 A 20thC Royal Dux figure group
117 A George V silver cigarette case
118 A Victorian silver sauce boat
119 Various silver
120 A late Victorian matched three piece dressing table set
121 A George V silver cigarette case
122 An early 20thC oak cased canteen
123 A cased set of George VI silver teaspoons
124 A George VI silver cruet set
125 Two silver napkin rings
126 A long guard chain
127 A long guard chain
128 A long guard chain
129 A Victorian star shaped diamond encrusted brooch 500-700
130 A fan shaped marcasite brooch 250-350
131 Various gentleman's wristwatches
132 A gentleman's Tiffany & Co wristwatch
133 A gentleman's open dial wristwatch
134 Various jewellery
135 An early 19thC Pearlware chestnut basket on stand 60-80
136 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware basket on stand 50-80
137 An early 19thC Leeds Pearlware blue and white bowl 40-60
138 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware bowl 20-40
139 An early 19thC Pearlware coffee pot in the Mandarin pattern 30-50
140 A very early 19thC blue and white Pearlware cider tankard 35-55
141 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware cider tankard 40-60
142 An early 19thC hand painted blue and white Pearlware blue and white loving cup 25-35
143 A late 18th/early 19thC blue and white Pearlware jug 30-50
144 A large 19thC blue and white Pearlware meat platter 30-50
145 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware Longbridge pattern cider tankard 20-40
146 An early to mid 19thC blue and white Pearlware sauce tureen 30-50
147 An early 19thC John Rodgers & Son blue and white Pearlware bowl 20-30
148 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware bowl 15-25
149 A late 19thC blue and white Pearlware pottery toast rack 20-40
150 A 19thC blue and white Pearlware transfer printed food warmer by Spode 30-50
151 A 19thC blue and white Pearlware chestnut basket on stand 60-80
152 A pair of 19thC Brameld shaped Pearlware dessert dishes 20-30
153 An early 19thC Pearlware blue and white plate 20-30
154 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware basket stand 30-50
155 A blue and white Pearlware shaped dish 30-50
156 An early 19thC Pearlware dish by Swansea 40-60
157 A 19thC Riley's semi China Pearlware dish 30-50
158 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware dish 20-40
159 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware Lidkoping Forstrand dish
160 Various early 19thC Pearlware tea bowls 40-60
161 Various miniature Pearlware items
162 Various early 19thC Pearlware
163 Various early 19thC and later Pearlware 15-25
164 A late 18thC blue and white Pearlware dish 30-50
165 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware Argyle coffee pot 10-20
166 A 19thC blue and white Pearlware egg rack
167 An early 19thC Pearlware octagonal plate
168 A very early 19thC blue and white Pearlware plate 15-25
169 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware plate 20-30
170 An early 19thC blue and white Pearlware plate 15-25
171 Various early 19thC and later Pearlware 30-50
172 Various early 19thC and alter Pearlware 40-60
173 Various early 19thC and later Pearlware plates 20-30
174 Various early 19thC and later Pearlware 20-30
175 An early 19thC hand painted Pearlware tea canister 20-30
176 Various 19thC and later Pearlware pottery 30-50
177 Various early 19thC and later blue and white Pearlware 15-25
178 An early 20thC brass cased carriage clock
179 An early 20thC Leopard head rug
180 A harlequin pair of Neo Classical design table lamps
181 A Victorian cranberry glass double ended scent bottle
182 A 20thC cut glass scent bottle
183 An Edwardian cut glass and silver dressing table jar
184 Various cut glass silver
185 An Edwardian silver bread basket
186 A 20thC powder and vanity vase
187 A 9ct gold fancy bracelet
188 An early to mid 20thC Richard automatic gentleman's wristwatch
189 A heavy bi-metal curb link chain
190 A gentleman's Eterna 1948 wristwatch
191 A modern two coloured necklace
192 A George VI silver salver 150-250
193 Two late 19thC Chinese ivory cheroot holders
194 A 19thC Chinese ivory puzzle ball
195 An early 20thC silver plated egg warmer
196 An early 20thC Eastern woven rug
197 An early 20thC oak cased two dial banjo barometer and thermometer
198 A heavily carved oak stained house shaped casket
199 Two late 19thC/early 20thC polished four pronged stools 40-60
200 A very early 20thC African tribal hardwood figure
201 Various keys
202 A mid-20thC Maelzel mahogany cased metronome
203 A 20thC brass dish
204 Various Grantham related and other local bottles 30-50
205 Glassware
206 Various Robertson's Jam musician figures
207 Various Robertson's Jam musician figures
208 Various Robertsons Jam footballer figures
209 Various whisky
210 A set of heavy late 19thC drinking glasses
211 A Royal Doulton figure of a setter
212 A 20thC Continental glass clown figure
213 Various Swarovski and other crystal ornaments
214 A mid 20thC toy Coronation coach led by horses
215 Various early 20thC and later postcards
216 Various mainly Grantham related ephemera 30-50
217 Spare lot.
218 Various Nailsea swirl glass shades
219 A modern china faced doll
220 Various die-cast vehicles
221 Various die-cast vehicles
222 A set of seven frosted glass shells
223 Various 20thC Lego plastic pieces
224 Various Kingmaker Steam collection and other train figures
225 A modern Eastern hardwood tray
226 A 19thC ivory handled sword 30-50
227 A Raleigh Royal gentleman's racer bike 30-50
228 A Raleigh Royal ladies racer bike 30-50
229 A Royal Doulton figure 15-25
230 A 20thC Nao Spanish figure 30-50
231 A 20thC Nao figure 30-50
232 A Nao figure group 25-30
233 A 20thC Nao figure
234 A 20thC Nao figure
235 A Nao figure
236 A 20thC Nao figure
237 Various pottery
238 Various early 20thC and later postcards
239 Various marbles
240 A 20thC Beswick Shetland Pony
241 Various First Day Covers 30-50
242 A 20thC earthenware monkey jug
243 A 20thC black metal cash tin 25-40
244 A 20thC heavy metal cast chess set 30-50
245 Various early 20thC matched filigere and petit point dressing table items
246 A modern Chinese semi-porcelain tea service
247 A 20thC hardwood oriental design jewellery/magic box
248 A 20thC taxidermy fox head
249 A taxidermy cased specimen of a moor hen
250 Various early 20thC and later bygones
251 Various 20thC postcards
252 A Bermona ladies hat
253 Various early 20thC fur
254 An early to mid 20thC Christy's gentleman's bowler hat
255 A ladies Gimone Minman fashion hat
256 Various cameras
257 A 20thC Leonardo collection Art Deco style pottery figure of a lady 35-55
258 Various 19thC and later porcelain
259 An early 19thC Staffordshire pottery sheep figure
260 A matched pair of 19thC Staffordshire semi-porcelain figures
261 A 19thC Staffordshire Tythe Pig pottery figure group
262 A 19thC Staffordshire pottery figure of a rabbit
263 A very early 19thC two coloured stoneware cider tankard
264 A pair of 19thC lidded potpourri vase
265 A 19thC etched glass marriage goblet
266 An early 20thC etched and pink glass vase
267 A pair of early Edwardian frosted glass table lustres
268 An early 19thC porcelain perfume or snuff bottle and stopper
269 Various glassware
270 A 19thC rosewood sarcophagus tea caddy
271 An early 20thC Meissen style porcelain figure
272 Various porcelain and pottery
273 Various bygones and collectables
274 Various pottery and effects
275 A 19thC cast iron door stop
276 Various glassware
277 An 18thC Chinese blue and white tea bowl and saucer
278 A set of seven 18thC Chinese blue and white Export tea bowls
279 An early 19thC porcelain fox head Tally Ho stirrup cup 20-30
280 Various ladies clothing
281 Various ladies clothing
282 A modern Breitling Parker style jacket
283 A ladies faux fur coat
284 Various walking sticks
285 An early 20thC mahogany country house room bell ringing apparatus
286 An early 20thC copper coal helmet
287 An early 20thC copper and brass vessel
288 An early 20thC Arts and Crafts copper fireside companion set
289 Various Continental porcelain
290 Various brass and copper fireside implements
291 After Roland Chadwick. A modern figure group of a fisherman catching trout aside...
292 After Roland Chadwick. A figure group of fisherman catching fish in a boat on stormy...
293 An early 20thC mahogany domed cased mantel clock
294 Various pottery cruet sets
295 Various pottery dachshund dog ornaments
296 Various pottery dog ornaments
297 Large Pendelfin figures
298 Various Pendelfin figures
299 Various Pendelfin figures
300 Various 20thC china
301 Various Pendelfin stands
302 Various Pendelfin buildings
303 A unglazed redware Roman style flagon
304 A 20thC African tribal mask
305 A pair of 19thC style gilt metal figures
306 A green plastic riot helmet
307 A khaki Army camouflage war helmet
308 An early 20thC copper kettle
309 An early 20thC metal tray
310 Various records
311 A 19thC Middle Eastern copper flagon
312 Various silver plate
313 Various oriental snuff bottles
314 A mahogany cased canteen of cutlery
315 An 18thC tin glazed earthenware charger 70-100
316 A 19thC alabaster bust
317 A Cromwellian style tin soldier's helmet 45-60
318 A Zenith sports cricket bat
319 An early to mid 20thC chrome plated tantalus 120-150
320 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight bird
321 Various metal ware
322 Officer's formal three quarter length jacket and trousers
323 Spare Lot.
324 Robert Raikes. Sunday School Centenary
325 An early 20thC African tribal hardwood head 35-50
326 19thC Chinese School. Figure of a lady holding fan and another of a girl and figure... 70-90
327 20thC Japanese School. Erotic interior scene in colours 20-30
328 Various boxed Beatrix Potter figures
329 A 20thC pottery ewer 30-50
330 A ladies' three stone diamond ring 200-250
330A A 9ct gold sapphire dress ring
331 A 19thC Chinese scent bottle 70-100
332 Various Royal Doulton figures
333 A polished jade style ship
334 A 20thC RAF sweetheart brooch 30-40
335 A costume brooch 30-50
336 A Keswick School of Industrial Arts florally shaped dish 30-50
337 A cultured pearl necklace 20-30
338 After Sir David Shepherd. Southern Railway Schools Class 4-4-0 Stowe print
339 A John Fairburn Mr Keen As Othello
340 20thC School. Seated lady
341 A 17thC Coritani coloured map of Lincoln
342 John Smith (fl 1971). A French Street Scene
343 F. Arnold [AKA James Walter Gozzard (1888-1950)] A November Evening 300-400
344 After D Wolstenholme. Coursing Plate 1 print 25-40
345 After H Alken & J Harris. The First Steeple Chase On Record 60-90
346 After Hampton Editions. Harrier And Beagle Hunts Of Great Britain coloured print 10-30
347 After Lionel Edwards (1878-1966). The Fernie Hunt 80-120
348 After Lionel Edwards (1878-1966). The Whaddon Chase Hunt coloured print 10-30
349 After Lionel Edwards (1878-1966). The Cottesmore Hunt coloured print 80-120
350 19thC English School. Portrait of a bearded gentleman 150-250
351 19thC English School. Horses and stream before castle turret
352 Style of John Linnell. Figures in a summer landscape 100-150
353 Manner of Peter De Wint. Cattle grazing by a stream 150-250
354 20thC Japanese School. Exotic birds with mother of pearl finish on branches 40-60
355 After Terence Cuneo. Presentation Of The New Standard 30-50
356 Fleming (20thC). Stream before mountains
357 Various hunting books
358 Various equine
359 A Wang De Fan Chinese porcelain panel 300-400
360 Various Christies catalogues
361 Various Christies catalogues
362 Various Christies sale catalogues
363 Various Christies catalogues
364 Various Christies catalogues
365 Frederick William Scarborough (1860-1939). Fishing boats and figures in harbour 100-150
366 A set of six 20thC Continental drinking glasses
367 Various collectables
368 A mid 20thC portrait miniature of a gentleman quarter profile
369 Various early to mid 20thC blonde plush jointed Teddy bears
370 An 18thC Chinese blue and white saucer dish
371 Reginald Green (Exh 1911-1938). Rye from The Rother
372 A late 19thC stained mahogany and pine Black Forest wall clock 20-30
373 A mid 20thC Smiths Enfield wall clock
374 A 20thC polished Vienna style wall clock
375 An early 20thC brass hanging lamp
376 A modern cinnabar style dish 20-30
377 Various modern enamel finish patch and pill boxes
378 A 19thC rosewood box
379 A heavy Chinese brass charger 15-30
380 Books
381 Champion (F.W.). With a Camera in Tiger-Land 100-150
382 Wardrop (A.E. 100-150
383 Kinloch (Alexander A.A. 80-120
384 Russow (K.E.). Bruno Liljefors An Appreciation ONE OF 1000 70-100
385 Corbett (Jim). The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag 20-30
385A Corbett (Jim). The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag 30-50
386 Hamilton (Angus) 20-30
387 Taschen. GOAT 60-80
388 Time Life Classics of Exploration - Stanley (Henry Morton) How I Found Livingstone;... 40-60
389 Big Cats.- Line (Les 40-60
390 Spare Lot.
391 A 20thC heavily carved ebony African tribal figural head 35-50
392 An Edwardian oak chest
393 A set of eight early 20thC French oak ladder back dining chairs
394 A George III mahogany chest 50-80
395 A 20thC French extending dining table
396 A 19thC mahogany hall chair
397 A late 19thC walnut cabinet
398 An 18thC style cushion mirror
399 A neo-classical design wall mirror
400 A George III oak night chest
401 A principally 18thC oak dresser 300-500
402 A George III mahogany tall boy chest or chest 300-400
403 An Edwardian rosewood and boxwood strung display cabinet
404 An 18thC three panelled oak coffer 50-70
405 A 19thC mahogany D-end table
406 A modern hardwood dining suite
407 A 20thC mahogany finish extending dining table
408 A Blooch rug 60-80
409 A 19thC mahogany plant stand
410 An Edwardian mahogany revolving bookcase 80-120
411 An American mid 20thC brass table lamp
412 An 18thC oak bureau
413 A 19thC Continental French oak chiffonier cabinet 100-150
414 An early 20thC armchair
415 An early 19thC mahogany D-end table
416 An 18thC oak plank top side table
417 A Victorian walnut and part inlaid whatnot 50-70
418 A late 19thC Japanned lacquered plant stand
419 A 20thC walnut duet stool
420 A George III mahogany chest 120-180
421 An Edwardian mahogany fold over tea table
422 A Regency rosewood serving or library table 60-90
423 A modern walnut cased Kamble baby grand piano 400-600
424 An Edwardian walnut stained occasional table
425 A 19thC ash and elm low back Windsor chair 50-80
426 An 18thC mahogany chest
427 A mid-20thC D-end hall table
428 An early 20thC mahogany galleried tray
429 A late 19thC/early 20thC mahogany compactum chest
430 A George III style mahogany serpentine sideboard 50-80
431 An early 20thC mahogany dished top tripod occasional table
432 An 18thC mahogany secretaire chest 120-180
433 A late Victorian walnut framed salon suite
434 A JIG style cabinet
435 An early 19thC Chippendale design oak framed carver chair
436 A Regency style mahogany circular dining table 300-400
437 An early 20thC oak stained Wernicke style bookcase 80-120
438 A 19thC mahogany knee hole dressing table or desk 120-150
439 A modern JIG style hardwood table
440 A modern three piece suite 200-300
441 An 18thC oak hanging corner cupboard 20-40
442 A set of four modern Chippendale design dining chairs
443 A 19thC mahogany snap top occasional table
444 A Jacobean style three panel coffer 60-80
445 A Victorian mahogany table mirror
446 A 20thC wrought iron lamp standard
447 A 19thC mahogany cylinder top desk
448 A matched set of four Edwardian walnut framed dining chairs
449 A Regency style mahogany sofa table
450 A late Victorian mahogany D-end washstand
451 A set of six late Victorian oak framed library style dining chairs
452 An Edwardian mirror back tiled topped and marble washstand
453 A late 19thC mahogany framed Chippendale style fret mirror
454 An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood inlaid occasional table
455 A George III mahogany corner washstand 30-50
456 A Victorian stained mahogany bookcase
457 A set of five (4 +1) late Hepplewhite revival mahogany stained saloon chairs 60-80
458 A 19thC mahogany dropleaf Sutherland table 10-20
459 A 19thC mahogany corner chair 20-30
460 A modern Italian veneered style occasional table
461 A chrome plated wall hanging towel rail
462 A modern Harden bijouterie style display cabinet
463 An early 19thC mahogany table mirror 30-50
464 A pair of early 19thC mahogany carver chairs 80-120
465 A early Edwardian mahogany occasional table
466 A nest of three Edwardian mahogany tables
467 A principally 18thC elm dining chair
468 A heavily carved walnut occasional table 40-60
469 A 1920's oak carver office chair
470 A late Victorian occasional table 50-70
471 A modern Uinfinity OSIM articulated leather massage chair 300-500
472 A 20thC hanging metal chandelier
473 An Edwardian mahogany pot cupboard
474 A modern Ercol dark wood dining table 100-150
475 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table 50-70
476 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table 50-70
477 A modern high back Windsor chair 70-100
478 A nest of two yew wood tables
479 A 20thC oak three panel coffer 70-100
480 A 19thC mahogany planter 30-50
481 A stained occasional chair
482 An American walnut rocking chair
483 A 19thC walnut and mahogany fire screen 50-70
484 An Edwardian stained wooden framed double settee
485 A set of 19thC oak stained library chairs
486 A 20thC wall mirror
487 An early 19thC oak snaptop table
488 A pair of Sheraton revival Edwardian mahogany part painted and inlaid salon chairs
489 A Blooch rug 50-80
490 An early 20thC Middle Eastern rug
491 A late Victorian walnut framed nursing chair 30-50
492 A 19thC mahogany longcase clock
493 A George III and later oak bureau bookcase 70-100
494 A modern stained hardwood hall style wardrobe
495 An early 20thC stained mahogany compactum wardrobe
496 A late 19thC Arts and Crafts copper mirror
497 A 19thC neo-classical breakfront wall mirror
498 A pair of early 19thC Marsh of Sleaford ash and elm spindle back Windsor side chairs 60-90
499 A late Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table
500 A George III style mahogany bow front corner cupboard
501 A late 18th/early 19thC cast iron dog grate
502 A Neo-Classical fire surround
503 An early 19thC polished Sheraton style commode chair
504 An Edwardian mahogany mirror back
505 A late Victorian/early Edwardian serpentine fronted occasional chair
506 A late Victorian stained walnut framed chaise longue 40-60
507 A George III style mahogany corner display cabinet 40-60
508 A mid to late Victorian 'D' end button back Chesterfield settee
509 A set of three early 19thC elm dining chairs 40-60
510 A heavy early 20thC brass cauldron jam pan
511 A pair of retro teak cased B & W speakers
512 A Victorian mahogany supper table
513 Two retro Sony Speakers in light wood cases
514 An early 20thC Middle Eastern prayer rug
515 A 20thC walnut twin pedestal writing desk
516 A late Victorian side table
517 Various Middle Eastern style hearth rugs
518 An Edwardian mahogany dresser
519 A modern teak display cabinet
520 A late Victorian mahogany framed open saloon chair
521 Three various early 20thC cane seated bedroom chairs
522 A stripped and lightly stained pine tool chest
523 A Tom Senior horizontal milling machine 50-100
524 An Atco ride on lawn mower
525 A 20thC retro plastic and metal framed rocking horse
526 An retro Ladderax chair
527 A mid to late 20thC retro Ladderax display unit
528 A set of seven (5+2) light beech slat back dining chairs
529 A 19thC Lincolnshire pine dresser
530 A quantity of various brass buttons
531 Various military and naval buttons
532 A 20thC Chinese green jade carving 120-150
533 A 20thC Chinese jade style figure of a toad 120-150
534 A 20thC green jade brooch 400-600
535 A tri-colour jade pendant carving 70-100
536 A 19thC ivory parasol handle
537 Various late 19thC and early 20thC ivory
538 A cast metal plaque 40-60
539 A modern burr finish tea caddy
540 A polished green jade figure of a lion 150-180
541 A Chinese Qing style soapstone desk seal figure 15-30
542 Spare Lot.
543 Spare Lot.
544 A Meiji period Japanese figure group 300-400
545 A Meiji period Japanese ivory figure
546 A late 19th/early 20thC bisque headed doll
547 A pair of Empire style armchairs
548 A Regency style torchere stand
549 A modern metal wall hanging gun cabinet
550 A late 1960's Stag teak bedroom suite
551 An Edwardian satin walnut bedroom trio
552 20thC School. Venetian scene
553 Le Tallor (20thC). Stormy seascape with clouds gathering on a twilight evening
554 T T Blaylock (20thC). Daffodils still life
555 Mitchell (Trevor). Tasty Tyres
556 J M Charters (fl.1891). Still life summer flowers
557 Charles Leslie (1835-1890). Figure fishing on a quiet stream with mountains in the... 200-400
558 A comprehensive Royal Doulton Paisley pattern part dinner service
559 Various Royal Doulton Bunnykins
560 Various 20thC cloisonne
561 A 20thC Thai celadon baluster vase or lamp base 40-60
562 A Chinese porcelain Daya Zhai vase 900-1200
563 A Meiji period Japanese porcelain vase 150-200
564 A Chinese porcelain Kangxi style ginger jar 60-80
565 A 20thC Japanese samurai sword and black lacquer scabbard 250-350
566 A Chinese Ming style celadon bowl 200-300
567 An early 20thC hardwood export card box
568 A late 19thC Chinese bamboo jar and cover
569 A late 18thC Chinese export cider tankard
570 A Chinese dish 40-60
571 A late 19th/early 20thC Chinese bronze Buddha figure 40-60
572 An 18thC Chinese export porcelain eye bath 900-1200
573 A 19thC hardwood glove box 70-100
574 A pair of Japanese Satsuma baluster vases
575 A pair of early 20thC Chinese porcelain baluster vases
576 Various Chinese and Japanese lacquer ware
577 A late 19thC brass dish
578 Early 20thC Japanese School. Bird amongst foliage
579 B Morris (early 20thC School). Stream and heather before mountains with clouds gathering
580 After Moret Henry Moret. Still life
581 David Glouck RWS NEAC (1939-2007). Sanungiorgi Venice
582 J Proctor (fl.1914). Still life
583 L Malupina (20thC). Trotting Race Rounding The Corner 250-350
584 L Malupina (20thC). Horse Race 250-350
585 An early to mid 20thC pressed leather and metal bound sea chest
586 A heavily carved stone tribal figure of a gentleman
587 Wildlife Artists.- Waters (David) Archibald Thorburn Artist and Illustrator…1889-1934 100-150
588 River Nile.- Moorehead (Alan) The White Nile 10-20
589 A pair of 18thC Chinese porcelain tea bowls 25-40
590 A set of three graduated Chinese rosewood jardiniere stands 70-90
591 Spare Lot.
592 A late 19thC brass and cloisonné vase
593 A Paris Collection canteen of Viners cutlery
594 An 18thC indenture lease heavy red wax seal and another
595 Various early 20thC and later postcards
596 M (19thC English School). River Landscape with bridge and mountains in the distance...
597 19thC School. Dogs in a farm interior
598 Peter Robins (20thC). Path before trees
599 F Cotton (20thC). Continental landscapes
600 Various GB and World used stamps
601 A 20thC bronze candle stand 25-40
602 A 19thC French School bronze harvest figure group 120-150
603 Various modern postcards
604 Various First Day Covers
605 Various cigarette cards
606 A 19thC Middle Eastern carpet runner
607 A 19thC Middle Eastern carpet
608 A 19thC Islamic carpet
609 A Middle Eastern rug
610 A retro melamine style walnut finish dining room suite
611 A modern green leather lounge suite
612 A framed illustrated London News advert
613 A framed newspaper front Chicago Daily Tribune
614 An Azerbaijan rug 50-80
615 A Lori rug 40-60
616 A mid 19thC 2' four fold boxwood and brass ironmonger's rule 30-50
617 A 1850's 2' four fold ivory rule 50-80
618 A 1900's 2' four fold ivory rule 50-80
619 Four early 20thC ivory scale rules 20-40
620 A late 19thC 2' two fold boxwood and brass rule 30-50
621 An unusually small Georgian Etui 100-200
622 A small caliper rule and brass bound 2' two fold rule 20-40
623 A 19thC French folding set square and brass scale rule 20-40
624 A 1' four fold ivory rule 20-40
625 A 1' four fold caliper rule 20-40
626 A late 18thC boxwood 24" rule 20-40
627 20thC Indian school. Figure playing flute semi-clad
628 A late 19thC/early 20thC Chinese School. Figures in boats with floral surround 70-90
629 A Colonial Art Company print
630 20thC School Chinese scroll 60-80
631 An African tribal carved stone figure of a gentleman standing before drum
632 A heavily carved African tribal stone figure of a lady
633 A set of four framed fans by Renbo Nian 700-900
634 An early to mid-20thC Waring & Gillow three piece light oak bedroom suite
635 A 19thC stained oak and pine tool chest
636 A principally 18thC oak side table
637 A walnut cased freestanding Philips radio
638 A 19thC pine kitchen table
639 A mid-20thC painted rocking horse 50-80
640 An 18th oak hanging corner cupboard
641 Various bygones
642 A William Lawrence teak sideboard
643 A modern walnut cased music system
644 20thC School. Deer before cottage and trees in a winter setting
645 Seven French coiffure portrait colour prints
646 Early 20thC school. Egyptian cotton pickers
647 An early 20thC oak stained banjo barometer and thermometer
648 Various records
649 Various boxes
650 Books
651 Spare Lot.
652 Various stamps
653 Mid-20thC Lalique frosted glass bird ornament 60-80
654 Various brassware
655 Various dolls
656 An early 20thC Kestner bisque headed child's doll
657 A set of four early 19thC treacle glazed stoneware blocks
658 Various 19thC and later World coins and tokens
659 Various coins
660 Various coins
661 Various jewellery and effects
662 Various costume jewellery and effects
663 A 9ct gold curb link bracelet 280-350
664 A 9ct gold longuard chain 100-150
665 A gentleman's 9ct gold Omega De Ville wristwatch 400-600
666 A 20thC Hamilton wristwatch 30-50
667 A George V gold half sovereign 90-120
668 An early 20thC longuard chain 360-420
669 Various jewellery and effects 80-120
670 A 9ct gold signet ring 20-30
671 A 22ct gold plain wedding band 120-200
672 Two various 9ct gold bangles 220-240
673 A guard chain with slender links 220-240
674 An Art Deco diamond and sapphire cluster ring 900-1200
675 A ladies sapphire and diamond half eternity ring 200-300
676 A 9ct white gold band 40-60
677 A 18ct diamond half eternity ring 200-250
678 A diamond solitaire ring 1700-2500
679 A 9ct gold fob set with amethyst coloured fixed charm 25-35
680 Various jewellery and effects
681 A Victorian silver claret jug 200-300
682 A George II silver porringer by Thomas Whiphim and Charles Wright 120-180
683 A George III silver salver 180-250
684 Various cased silver commemorative spoons 20-40
685 Various silver collectables
686 A early 20thC boxwood bijouterie cabinet
687 19thC English School. Figure of a lady aside flagon feeding goat in a mountainous...
688 A pocket watch
689 Five pocket watches
690 A silver pear cased pocket watch
691 A 9ct gold gent's Omega wristwatch
692 Three vintage wristwatches
693 Three gent's wristwatches
694 Two Seiko gent's watches
695 A tortoiseshell cased fob watch
696 A large quantity of wristwatches
697 An 18ct gold diamond solitaire ring 50-80
698 A John. B Mennie hunter pocket watch
699 A cased pair of silver napkin rings 20-40
700 A Regency rosewood sarcophagus tea caddy
701 A Royal Albert bone china Old Country Roses pattern part tea service
702 A pair of 19thC carriage lamps. (AF)
703 A quantity of railway and locomotive books.
704 A 19thC Bargeware tea pot
705 A set of 19thC brass sovereign scales
706 A wrought iron game hanger.
707 A 19thC violin with two piece back
708 A violin bow
709 A 19thC mahogany tea or card table
710 H G Bowring (exhibited 1920-1929). Sepia pen and ink drawing of a cliff look out...
711 An Edwardian bar brooch
712 A Rolex Geneve wristwatch
713 A Royal Doulton figure
714 Various oriental pottery and porcelain
715 A 19thC mahogany table mirror