News & Blog 2013

How we value your antiques

15th October, 2013

If you have some old furniture, fine art, or vintage ornaments displayed in your home, they could be very valuable. To determine the value of your antiques and fine art, you should take them to a RICS regulated auction house where they will follow a specific process to value your antiques and collectibles. Read more »

Late Victorian Silver Tea Service

1st October, 2013

Lot 1, is a beautiful example of a late Victorian Silver Tea Service. Featuring a teapot, hot water jug, creamer and sugar bowl, all in a rectangular form and engraved in an aesthetic manner. Read more »

A to Z of Antiques: D is for Dolls

1st October, 2013

Classic childhood toys that can invoke feelings of nostalgia, dolls have been an integral part of our culture as far back as 2000 BC. Some of the earliest dolls have been found in ancient Eygpt, Greece and Rome, and were typically made of clay, fur, wood, rags or bone. Read more »


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