News & Blog April 2013

Rare Cognac Trio – Louis XIII de Remy Martin Rendez Vouz 2000

24th April, 2013

An almost hedonistic pleasure, the after-dinner cognac goes hand in hand with Remy Martin, who is renowned as the King of Cognacs. Offered for sale at the Grantham Auction Rooms in May 2013, is Lot 184, a rare trio of Cognacs by Remy Martin, produced to celebrate the third millennium. Read more »

Designers Mario Barbaglia, Marco Colombo and John Maltby to feature at Grantham Auction Rooms

23rd April, 2013

Mario Barbaglia and Marco Colombo are without doubt two of the finest interior designers of their time. Lot 172, a pair of Dove table lamps are a fine example of their innovative product design with clean lines and a distinctive ‘bird in flight’ feeling. If you are looking to achieve a certain look or to make a design statement these lamps are sculpturally pleasing and would be a welcome addition in any modern design setting. Read more »


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