News & Blog November 2014

A doll-ectable collection!

28th November, 2014

A private collection of dolls and accessories will be sold at auction on 3rd December 2014, at the Grantham Auction Rooms. It is both high in number and quality and is the best collection seen in the auction rooms; representing a fantastic opportunity to see – and possibly own – some of the great rarities in this very large collectible area. Read more »

Asian Art at 7pm!?

24th November, 2014

A new feature of our thrice yearly Asian Art sale at The Grantham Auction Rooms - the next of which is on December 3rd - is the starting time of 7pm. The other tweak is the addition of African and tribal art – of which there are a good number of items. The overall variety and quality of the items offered however, remains as high as always. Read more »

A ‘Global’ success

17th November, 2014

Often in the antiques business a name becomes synonymous with a type or style of item. The words Globe Wernicke are often used to describe a bookcase that breaks down into sections to become portable and flexible in height. Read more »

Musical instruments make excellent investments

3rd November, 2014

In this industry, the word ‘trend’ is very popular. It defines how we value something; from the item that’s at the height of fashion to the one residing in the back of a cabinet never to see the light of day. A prime example has been the influx of vintage concertinas sold at the Bourne Auction Rooms. Read more »


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