Grantham Collective Sale - Part Two

06 August, 2015 10:00 AM










370 lots in this sale
Lot Description Estimate
1001 A short wheel base trailer
1002 Three reconstituted concrete garden planters.
1003 Two terracotta garden planters
1004 Five various garden planters
1005 A cast metal water pump.
1006 A cast iron gate
1007 An aluminium circular garden table
1008 A 14" x 12" pond liner
1009 A quantity of terracotta garden pots
1010 An Exodus roof box
1011 A Kensington teak garden bench
1012 A 20thC retro design dining table
1013 Five various reconstituted concrete garden urns.
1014 Spare lot.
1015 A Mongoose BMX bike.
1016 A Joe Murray Cinder Cone mountain bike.
1017 A set of light oak window shutters
1018 Six Allibert garden armchairs and accompanying table. 20-40
1019 A 19thC oak glazed corner cabinet.
1020 An early 19thC mahogany open wall shelf.
1021 A 20thC hanging corner cupboard
1022 An oak barleytwist fold over cocktail trolley 30-50
1023 A 19thC mahogany tripod table 25-40
1024 A Director electric trouser press.
1025 A pine CD rack and a dining chair.
1026 A teak oblong coffee table
1027 Spare lot.
1028 A walnut veneered hall table
1029 Various furniture
1030 A 19thC stool base
1031 A leather dome topped trunk.
1032 A travel case.
1033 A 19thC part metal bound tool chest.
1034 Strongbow furniture
1035 Two leather travel trunks with wooden and metal mounts.
1036 A G-Plan nest of tables and a Delonghi electric radiator.
1037 A 19thC drop leaf table on turned supports.
1038 A freestanding bookcase with glazed doors.
1039 A pair of Edwardian mahogany bed ends.
1040 Spare lot.
1041 A mahogany finish bedroom suite comprising compactum chest
1042 A tile top kitchen table with rush seated chairs and a modern beech finish kitchen...
1043 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short over three long graduated drawers. 25-40
1044 A 19thC mahogany Pembroke table.
1045 A late 19thC salon chair
1046 A wicker Moses basket and stand.
1047 A large oval dining or conference table
1048 A dining chair with scroll back supports
1049 A circular oak coffee table with inset petit point panel
1050 A Victorian style serpentine fronted open spoonback chair and a radiator cover.
1051 Sundry furniture
1052 A Victorian mahogany balloon back chair and a tripod wine table.
1053 A pair of 1940's wingback armchairs
1054 Two sleigh bed frames.
1055 Spare lot.
1056 A revolving shop display stand and a display dummy.
1057 Sundry furniture to include a white painted dressing table
1058 Spare lot.
1059 A modern two piece lounge suite
1060 A modern two seater sofa bed
1061 A three piece lounge suite
1062 A two piece lounge suite
1063 A metal framed Charnwood Grosvenor gas burner unit and two 19thC door bells.
1064 A 1940's oak student's bureau and a mahogany finish glazed display cabinet.
1065 An early 20thC oak fire surround
1066 A Hotpoint fridge.
1067 A Hotpoint tumble dryer.
1068 A lightwood table on block supports. (AF)
1069 A Zanussi DX 6452 dishwasher
1070 A Daewoo two door fridge freezer in silver.
1071 A 1940's oak lamp table.
1072 A modern rectangular wall mirror
1073 An oak finish dropleaf coffee table.
1074 Sundry furnishing to include a chest of three drawers and a two door wardrobe.
1075 An early 20thC stained mahogany piano stool
1076 An early 19thC mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers. (AF)
1077 An Edwardian mahogany window table
1078 A 1930's retro design cheval mirror
1079 A chaise longue style two seater settee and footstool
1080 A late 19thC window seat with overstuffed top on square supports.
1081 A pair of Edwardian mahogany bedroom chairs
1082 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table 80-120
1083 Sundry furniture
1084 A brass topped occasional table and two various cake stands. (3)
1084A A lightwood desk and filing cabinet. (2)
1085 A late 19th/early 20thC freestanding bookcase with serpentine shelves
1086 A 20thC electrolier 70-100
1087 An Edwardian mahogany mirror back dressing chest.
1088 A glazed confectionery cabinet
1089 A pair of late Victorian/early Edwardian dining chairs with overstuffed backs and...
1090 A 19thC mahogany dropleaf Pembroke table
1091 A 1960's retro teak bureau with fall front
1092 A 1930's oak narrow bureau.
1093 An oak hanging corner cupboard.
1094 Sundry furniture comprising a walnut veneered two door display cabinet and an oak...
1095 A mid-20thC walnut veneered side by side bureau.
1096 A walnut bureau
1097 A mid-20thC walnut veneered bureau.
1098 Two light oak chapel chairs with book rests to the back and plain seats.
1099 A box commode and bamboo style table.
1100 Sundry furnishings and effects
1101 A modern Swedish hardwood television stand
1102 Sundry furnishings and effects
1103 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table 20-30
1104 A late 19thC mahogany extending dining table with one leaf
1105 A satin walnut chest of four long drawers.
1106 A 20thC mahogany side table
1107 A set of four retro design dining chairs with slatbacks and overstuffed seats in...
1108 An Airborne flock filled occasional table and an early 20thC chair of similar type...
1109 A 19thC mahogany Pembroke table
1110 A late 19thC mahogany D-end side table
1111 A mid-20thC oak dining room suite
1112 Sundry furniture
1113 An early 20thC oak finish dining room suite
1114 An Edwardian Art Nouveau table 30-50
1115 A stripped and lightly polished pine chest of two short and three long drawers
1116 An Old Charm style freestanding display cabinet.
1117 An early 20thC satin walnut double bed headboard and footboard with metal mounts...
1118 A pair of stripped and lightly polished pine pedestal bedside cabinets.
1119 A rectangular bevel glass wall mirror.
1120 An Edwardian mahogany dressing table
1121 An Edwardian mahogany and boxwood strung wardrobe 50-80
1122 A mahogany board room coffee table
1123 A set of four kitchen chairs.
1124 Two 20thC mahogany side tables
1125 A modern black leather corner lounge suite
1126 A 19thC mahogany chest
1127 Various wall mirrors. (3)
1128 A retro thread wall hanging
1129 Two 20thC Japanese polished hardwood jardiniere tables
1130 A light oak finish dining table
1131 A set of four H.S. France Regency style mahogany finish dining chairs
1132 A metal cash tin
1133 A full size dressmaker's mannequin
1134 A large wall mirror with a cream surround.
1135 A gazebo
1136 A quantity of hardback and paperback books
1137 A quantity of antique reference books
1138 A quantity of ice hockey equipment
1139 A Hotpoint Ultima WDD960 washing machine.
1140 A modern rococo style wall mirror
1141 A modern oval wall mirror
1142 A modern rectangular wall mirror
1143 A mid-20thC oak bureau.
1144 A pair of mahogany finish lamp tables.
1145 A nest of oriental style tables.
1146 A modern mahogany finish five drawer bedroom chest.
1147 A Capo-di-Monte figure group
2001 20thC Chinese School. Peacocks before trees 10-20
2002 20thC Chinese School. Wading birds and cranes before trees 10-20
2003 Bygones to include
2004 Bygones
2005 19thC and later porcelain and pottery
2006 An early 20thC stained wooden clotheshorse.
2007 A modern rectangular wall mirror
2008 Various classical CD's
2009 A walnut veneered canteen of plated cutlery.
2010 An early 20thC Wilkinson china part tea service
2011 Bygones
2012 Two decorative tile wall hangings. (2)
2013 Various china and glass
2014 Various pictures
2015 A Continental jardiniere
2016 Various glassware
2017 A quantity of football
2018 A quantity of country artists and Coalport ornamental bird groups.
2019 E T E Keer (20thC). Mountainous landscape
2020 G. Whitaker (Early 20thC School). At Lynmouth
2021 China
2022 Bygones
2023 00-gauge Hornby and other trains
2024 A modern wall mirror
2025 Various boxed die-cast vehicles
2026 Metalware and effects
2027 Various worked linen throws
2028 A quantity of various die-cast vehicles
2029 After Stan Baldock
2030 Two wall clocks.
2031 *A large cockerel bell
2032 Various early 20thC and later postcards and ephemera
2033 *A sail boat bell
2034 *A cast horse head
2035 *A cow bell
2036 *A Michelin figure on tyre
2037 A 20thC Alec Bedser cricket bat.
2038 Various Torquay ware
2039 After R P Reynolds-Boyer. Limited edition print no. 120/800
2040 A pair of treen shoe stretchers
2041 *A large Mr Peanut bank
2042 *A model spitfire
2043 *A tractor coat rack
2044 *A cast iron cow's head
2045 *A mare and foal horse bell
2046 Bygones
2047 Bygones
2048 19thC and later china
2049 An English plain earthenware part service
2050 Kitchenalia
2051 Pottery
2052 A 20thC oil on canvas
2053 Various children's annuals
2054 A Villeroy and Boch collage pattern part dinner service
2055 Football programmes
2056 Die-cast
2057 Books
2058 Various bygones
2059 China and collectables
2060 Books
2061 A modern reproduction print of a Guilielmo Blaeu European map.
2062 Alan Ingham. Farm hand with sheepdogs and sheep print.
2063 Various tools
2064 Various modern frames
2065 Various frames
2066 A light wood hanging mirror
2067 Pottery jardiniere on stand
2068 Glassware
2069 Household china
2070 Silver plate
2071 Glassware
2072 A fireman's axe and a wooden fire swagg stick with polished white metal knop.
2073 Blue ware china
2074 Old bank notes
2075 A gentleman's two piece suite in black with velvet trim.
2076 Cameras and equipment
2077 Bygones
2078 Bygones
2079 China and glassware
2080 Ephemera
2081 Pottery
2082 Various wares
2083 A Rosenthal Studio part dinner service 15-30
2084 An early 20thC style metal three piece companion set 10-20
2085 Various silver plate 20-40
2086 Margaret Walker. Pont-ar-Gothi watercolour
2087 Various sporting trophies
2088 China
2089 A blue and white Willow pattern part tea service
2090 Silver plate
2091 Pottery glassware and collectables
2092 Collectable items
2093 Part services
2094 Glassware
2095 Various crystal and other drinking glasses
2096 A Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau part dinner service
2097 Indian tree part pattern tea service
2098 China
2099 Platedware
2100 A collection of china
2101 Various part tea services
2102 Various alcoholic miniature bottles
2103 A retro design earthenware lamp
2104 A set of Standley Belcher and Mason scientific scales
2105 Various bound editions of Lincolnshire Life magazine
2106 Teaware
2107 Household china and glassware
2108 Various household china
2109 A quantity of various records
2110 M Jackson (20thC). Oil on canvas.
2111 Bygones
2112 Household china
2113 Bygones & collectables to include tins
2114 A brass six branch electrolier
2115 A quantity of various stoneware flagons
2116 *A gate crossing sign
2117 Various character jugs
2118 *Mr Ginger money bank 15-25
2119 *A Phrenology head
2120 A Chodziee Polish figure 10-20
2121 An early 20thC pink and clear glass oil lamp.
2122 An early 20thC Continental Sitzendorf style centre piece
2123 An Emily Carr biography and a 1950's print titled Kitseukia 1919
2124 A brass table lamp.
2125 A 20thC plaster figure group
2126 A pair of Mason's Ironstone vase lamps
2127 A 19thC mahogany and mother of pearl inlaid writing slope 10-20
2128 Various ointment and other jars
2129 Various glassware
2130 A hardwood jewellery casket and two Continental porcelain footed dishes.
2131 A late 19thC photograph album 25-30
2132 Various cabinet plates
2133 A Wentworth pewter tankard
2134 A late 19thC stoneware bottle
2135 A pair of early 20thC brass candlesticks
2136 A pair of early 20thC Doulton Silicon candlesticks 10-30
2137 A pair of late 19thC Arts and Crafts brass candlesticks
2138 Fleming (Ian). Dr No 35-50
2139 Various Bells whisky decanters
2140 Various alcohol
2141 A late 19thC mahogany and marquetry foot stool
2142 Various alcohol
2143 Withdrawn by Vendor pre-sale. An 18thC Chinese porcelain famille rose plate 25-40
2144 Various alcohol
2145 An Arts and Crafts oak bowl 10-20
2146 Various alcohol
2147 A pair of George Jones cabinet plates
2148 Various alcohol
2149 A Juliana pottery figure
2150 Various alcohol
2151 Assorted glassware
2152 Various alcohol
2153 A set of four Royal Worcester cabinet plates 10-30
2154 A boxed Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh collection plate and cup.
2155 A cased set of cutlery in mahogany box and a horn finish figure of a fish.
2156 Various Wedgwood Jasperware
2157 Ron Powsey (20thC). The Shambles York
2158 Collectables etc
2159 *A rusted 3' railway sign
2160 Various postcards
2161 A 19thC polychrome earthenware meat dish
2162 Various stoneware
2163 A Baird & Tatlock scientific scale in four part glazed case. 20-40
2164 A 19thC Japanese famille noir charger
2165 A late 19thC French bayonet 15-30
2166 Louis Burleigh Bruhl (1861-1942). Lake Como
2167 A Royal Doulton Archives Pastimes Summer series cased teaset
2168 A Mason's Mandalay cockerel ornament and toast rack. (2)
2169 Various stoneware bottles and jars
2170 A Bush retro recording device.
2171 Spare lot.
2172 A print after Constable etc. (2)
2173 A late 19thC mother of pearl finish Eastern table with octagonal top on shaped supports.
2174 A quantity of LP records
2175 A 19thC style clock face 30-50
2176 A Regency style gilt metal lantern with chain top
2177 Various modern collectors' dolls
2178 A painted and highly decorated tin trunk decorated with various oriental figures
2179 A table lamp
2180 China and effects
2181 James Bond 007 box set
2182 Various die-cast
2183 Various china and glassware
2184 Wedgwood blue Jasperware
2185 Glassware
2186 Brassware
2187 A late 19thC stoneware gin bottle
2188 A pair of 20thC Belgium restrictive handcuff come alongs 10-30
2189 A E Dobdinson (20thC). Still life cherries and another grapes
2190 An early 20thC filigree style jewellery set
2191 An early 20thC leather vanity box
2192 Various ladies and gentleman's watches 20-30
2193 Various ladies and gentleman's watches 20-30
2194 Various ladies and gentlemen's wristwatches 20-30
2195 A jewellery box
2196 A mid-20thC Frank Usher ladies wedding dress
2197 Various Royal Commemorative coins
2198 A quantity of GB and world used coin
2199 A quantity of various early 20thC coloured glass marbles
2200 Various wristwatches 20-30
2201 Various wristwatches 20-30
2202 Various wristwatches 20-30
2203 Various costume jewellery
2204 Various cased cutlery
2205 Arthur Han*** (20thC). A figure before cottage on a path
2206 After Cecil Aldin. Elevation
2207 After Howlett. A bookplate print of Grantham church.
2208 An early 20thC oak framed wall mirror
2209 Various wares tureens
2210 A 20thC straw work box
2211 Blue Peter annuals 15-30
2212 Various Coalport bone china cricket related collectors plates
2213 Robert Ixer (b 1941). Kitten
2214 A Royal Doulton Pillar Rose pattern part dinner service.
2215 A modern Campbell's Soup cookie jar
2216 A mid-20thC pressed leather travel case.
2217 R. Lambert (20thC). Figures in a snow scene
2218 An Edwardian mahogany framed oval wall mirror
2219 Prints
2220 Two AA car badges
2221 A quantity of spirit miniatures
2222 A quantity of unframed prints and engravings.