Commercial - Bourne Collective Tender

Commercial - Bourne Collective Tender
11 Feb, 2014 12:00 PM

Upon instructions from G Wolloff of Messrs Elwell Watchorn & Saxton LLP (Re: Foster Building & Renovations Limited), Messrs Bulley Davey, the Directors of Smedley Joinery Ltd  upon retirement, B North Costruction Ltd upon relocation and others.     


Lots 1-123 can be viewed at Unit 6, Hollis Road Grantham NG31 7QH 

on Thursday, 6th February from 10am to 1pm and Friday, 

7th February 2pm until 4pm.


Lots 201-310 can be viewed on site at 60, Lincoln Road, Dunholme

Lincoln LN2 3QY on Tuesday, 4th February 10am until 3pm and 

Wednesday, 5th February 1pm until 4pm.


Lots 330 to 420 can be viewed at The Bourne Auction Rooms

Thursday 6th February 2pm to 5pm, Friday 7th February 9am to 12.30pm or by appointment.


Tender forms available from The Bourne Auction Rooms upon request or you may leave your bids on our website in the usual manner you would  leave commission bids. 


Please note this is a tender sale not an auction sale.

All Tender bids to be submitted by 12 noon Tuesday, 11th February 2014.

All Sites to be cleared by 20th February 2014.

Estimates are correct at the time of page upload only. Updates are constantly being made but not always published immediately. If there is no estimate, please ask.
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