Antique FurnitureSold for £135,000

We hold high quality furniture sales in all of our offices on a monthly basis. Catering for a vast range of buyers  wishing to purchase period furniture and furnishings, as well as decorative and architect designed 20th century pieces. Our most notable lot  was a Regency mahogany sideboard, sold for a house record price of £135,000 in our Grantham saleroom.

Arms & MilitariaSold for £2,000

Arms & Militaria from all periods are included in our monthly Collective Sales.

The soaring International market for militaria is a prime example of the modern auction house using internet bidding to its maximum potential. The 100th anniversary of the start of The First World War has seen prices of items from that conflict achieve record prices, many of those to keen overseas collectors. Golding Young have been at the forefront of technology for many years and as such, buyers from thousands of miles away have confidence in the quality and descriptions provided by each auction house within the group.

Asian ArtSold for £56,000

Specialist Asian Art sales are held at the Grantham Saleroom triannually, selling oriental porcelain, jade, objects and furniture from the Neolithic to Qing, and Jomei to Meiji. More decorative lots appear at Lincoln and Bourne and we are all always available to take in single pieces or large consignments such as the illustrated pair of Chinese vases which made £56,000.

A small selection of oriental items are often included in our monthly Collective Sales, although these are often of lower value and wider decorative appeal.

Asset Management & Commercial Sales

We offer a full range of valuation services and disposal sale solutions for Receivers and Insolvency Practitioners.

We also act for private companies and corporations.

Our past sales have included Commercial Vehicles, Plant and Machinery of all types, Shop and Office Furniture and Machinery, Metal Working/ Engineering Machines and Commercial Stock, Warehouse Equipment, and Manufacturing Plant in all fields.

Sales are held by Auction, Tender or Private Treaty and advice on methodology is freely available.

In the first instance contact Chris Richardson or Colin Young to discuss your specific requirements.

T: 01778 422686


For large scale projects needing multi-site solutions across the UK, we are founder members of the Nationwide Disposals Agency.

NDA (UK) Ltd is a group of leading auctioneers in the UK & Ireland. Our association is engaged in the some of the highest profile asset management projects and currently engaged in regular government contract sales.


AutomobiliaSold for £1,000

The Bourne Auction Rooms is the former home of 1962 F1 World Champions BRM.

Since the 1980's automobilia and auto-jumble have come under the hammer in the building from which Raymond Mays, Graham Hill, Sir Jackie Stewart and others placed Bourne centre stage in the world of motorsport.

The Bourne Auction Rooms is the home of the 1962 Formula 1 world champions BRM. The history that surrounds the team is all around the town and centres around our main saleroom where the cars of Graham Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jackie Stewart, Nikki Lauda and many other greats were built. Our specialist automobila sales have seen such items as Lotus Formula 1 car parts, early Isle of Man TT programmes and of course some very treasured BRM items including extremely rare Monaco Grand Prix posters achieving in excess of £1200.

Books & PrintsSold for £4,000

From Antiquarian Books to modern First Editions and everything in between, these are all included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whether the illustrated fine leatherbound natural history example or just a box of old books, all entries are welcome.

CeramicsSold for £17,000

Each saleroom incorporates British and European ceramics, pottery and porcelain in their Collective Sales. From Roman to Meissen, Delft to Moorcroft – from 1000BC to the current day! The pair of Russian plates illustrated at £17,000 and the 2014 Bourne and Grantham dispersals of Royal Worcester and a 400 lot porcelain collection prove our pedigree in selling individual pieces or entire collections for record prices.

Classic Cars & MotorcyclesSold for £12,500

The Bourne Auction Rooms is the former home of 1962 F1 World Champions BRM.

Since the 1980's classic, vintage & veteran cars and motorcycles have come under the hammer in the building from which Raymond Mays, Graham Hill, Sir Jackie Stewart and others placed Bourne centre stage in the world of motorsport.

The classic car market is one that fluctuates wildly with trends and other factors dictating prices of cars that may have been sat in a garage for many years now becoming far more valuable than the owners had ever previously imagined. The Bourne Auction Rooms incorporate classic cars into their Automobila sale every 3 months and as classic car enthusiasts, and owners, are able to offer advice with exceptional knowledge of trends and the current market.

The highlight of our past automobile sales was the sale at the Bubble Car Museum at Byard's Leap offering over 80 vehicles that sold to buyers around the globe.

Even with internet bidding we had to remove the sides of the marquee to see where all the bids were coming from, the crowds were unprecedented.

Clocks & BarometersSold for £25,000

With antique horology still very popular with collectors worldwide, our salerooms are able to offer comprehensive advice. Whether it’s an early example by a maker such as Tompion or Graham to a 20th century classic by a maker such as Cartier we have the ability to service all types and periods. An example of such a piece is this enameled Cartier clock sold in our Grantham office for £25,000.

CoinsSold for £780

With expert knowledge on all coins, throughout the company, we have huge success selling numismatic items in our Collective sales from every era and country from Indian Ashrafis, to Roman hammered coins, bank notes and modern Commemoratives. The illustrated set which sold for £1300 highlights the strength of prices we achieve - we are the best option for any coin dispersal large or small. 

CollectablesSold for £1,200

The term collectables is used to categorize a broad range of items. With highly trained valuers in each office some astonishing prices have been achieved literally from items destined for the rubbish tip. Our new and improved website, coupled with other specialist sites that also host our catalogues has proved invaluable in selling items as old advertsing signs, postcards, ephemera, autographs, football programmes etc.

If you are selling at auction choose a firm Regulated by RICS, it is the profession's highest standards of client accounting (your money protection), professional practice and complaints handling.

Accept nothing less than RICS - The hallmark of a professional auction house.

GlassSold for £1,500

Glass has fascinated collectors since the times of the Pharoahs. Golding Young and Mawer sells a vast array of glass from very early Jacobean drinking glasses to the 20th century art glass by makers such as Lalique, Daum, Galle, Loetz, Tiffany etc. On a monthly basis we offer an eclectic mix of styles, colours and periods in each of our salerooms, catalogued to a high standard and well illustrated.

GoldSold for Market Value +

For those discerning enough to avoid the tempting high street or postal offers of 'Cash-for-Gold' here is the correct way to sell; an entry to one of our Collective Sales.

Virtually every lot is guaranteed to make its open market value on the day of the sale. Competition is such that the professional buyers will even bid an extra £2 on a £300 lot in an attempt to ensure they buy it.

There is always that chance that it has a use or a wearability factor over and above 'scrap' pricings.

If you do not offer it to the auction market you will never know what you have lost at someone else's profit.

JewellerySold for £56,000

Jewellery from all periods, styles and countries are included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whether a fine diamond ring or simple costume jewellery there is an immensely strong market.

Fine design and quality manufacture works will always sell well with collectors and investors in fierce competition for the best pieces.

The good news is that with high gold, silver and other precious metal scrap prices, even a bad piece of jewellery will sell well, damaged or pefect.

See our 'Gold' tab for details.

We are also one of the few regional auction houses to have an auctioneer with the PJ Gem Dip qualification from the National Association of Goldsmiths.

MedalsSold for £44,000

World Medals from all campaigns are included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whether of historical importance such as Battle of Britain fighter ace Bobby Oxspring's illustrated group, or general service medals, all entries are welcome.

We have also handled the medal sales of John Green from The Great Escape and so many other interesting stories and acts of heroism.

If you can add photographs or objects to a medal group you will add value. The value of the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

MiniaturesSold for £1,900

Miniatures are a defined area of collecting with many examples having important social and historical value.

Entries are welcome and may be included in either a Collective or Works of Art Sale.

Modern Furniture & Effects1-2,000 Lots Every Month

Our Collective Sales have a core section of a traditional general auction sale of furniture and effects.

These lots mainly emanate from House Clearance and deceased estates.

The position of Executor is an important one in law and has defined liability and responsibility. To exhibit due diligence to beneficiaries or HM Revenue & Customs, an executor or advisor will instruct a firm Regulated by RICS.

We provide the services of Valuation, Auction Sale, Transport & House Clearance.

Musical InstrumentsSold for £6,400

Musical Instruments from all periods are included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whilst not everyone can claim to own the long lost guitar of Elvis, many valuable instruments remain in cupboards and cases all over the country, long since played and appreciating in value. Its not only Stradivarius violins that make six figure sums these days, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, or a Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster are now the holy grail for many six-string aficionados. More traditional instruments still of course attract a substantial following, with the humble concertina being infinitely collectable, recent examples have sold at the Bourne Auction Rooms for well in to four figure territory. 

All entries are welcome, so turn your strings, woodwind, and others into brass, or should we say.. the right notes.

PianosSold for £5,000

With exceptional subject knowledge and a world class logistics team, we offer the best service in the purchase, sale and removal of any piano – from the Steinway Model O concert grand piano shown – sold in Lincoln for £5000, from a Welsh consignment, to grand pianos and uprights we transport safely and sell effectively, to destinations throughout the UK and beyond.

We offer a bespoke collection service across the UK and our auction sales are live webcast to the world.

Scientific InstrumentsSold for £19,500

Over a number of years scientific instruments has been a growing collecting field. We have consistently achieved high prices for items due to our specialist knowledge, effective marketing on the internet, as well as our network of media contacts. An example of this is an important Elizabethan pocket sundial by Augustine Ryther sold for £19,500, we were able to trace back to the original Lincolnshire owner in 1585.

SculptureSold for £14,500

Sculpture from all periods and mediums are included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whether it is this illustrated carved ivory tankard, the finest Renaissance bronze or simply contemporary decorative works, all entries are welcome.

SilverSold for £5,000

English & World silver from all periods is included in our monthly Collective Sales.

Whether interesting 19thC Dutch silver bearing English import marks such as this illustated Nef consigned to our Stamford office, or plain teasets and flatware, all entries are welcome.

Quality silversmith works will always sell well with collectors and investors in fierce competition for the finest pieces.

The added good news is that with a high silver scrap price, even a bad piece of silver will still sell well, damaged or pefect.

Sporting, Hunting, Shooting & FishingSold for £1,700

The three salerooms excel in the sale of this most diverse collecting area. The Lincoln Art sale provides record results for any number of country artists across every era such as Lionel Edwards, Snaffles and the more traditional illustrated oil which sold for £1700. We seek dispersals of fishing equipment, taxidermy and guns, and sell small and large consignments with great international success.

For entries and issues relating to shotguns and firearms licencing please refer to our auctioneer Colin Young on 07976 977169.

Textiles & Vintage CostumeSold for £360

From 17thC needlework boxes to the illustrated Norman Hartnell dress of the 1950's, textiles are collected with a passion.

The monthly Collective Sales welcome entries of early needlework panels, Georgian lace, Victorian dress, Art Deco flappers and modern designs by important fashion houses and designers.  

Auction is the oldest form of recycling. Clear out the wardrobes; don't expect miracles, but be pleased with the odd surprise.

Toys & JuvenaliaSold for £900

Knowing your Bachmann from your Hornby, or Dinky from Matchbox is far from child’s play, and the last thing that modern collectors of toys will do is play with them. The market for collectible toys has boomed in the last few years with the advent of the International internet bidder. Whilst most people are aware that toys they used to play with as children have become valuable, the scope for collectible toys keeps increasing with more items reaching unheard of prices, time after time.

Tribal ArtSold for £30,000 and now in Sydney Museum of Primitive Art

Not everyone will have an 19thC Aboriginal broad shield in the loft.

However, families that had past generations who engaged in world travel often brought back items from distant lands to the UK.

The research and sale of these items can be a voyage of discovery in itself.

These items are invariably sold in the Collective Sales, but are often retained for an extra month for the appropriate marketing.

Vinyl RecordsSold for £1,600

From bootleg copies and classics to Elvis, The Beatles, to the current day, all records are sold. Whether it be the illustrated 45 costing £1600, or Beatles  autographs we have specialists to attribute and the contact list to achieve, the best prices for music related ephemera and records and from Polyphons and Wurlitzers to Bang and Olufsen we also sell the equipment to play them on! 

WatchesSold for £6,300

Wristwatches and pocket watches have long been a mainstay of every saleroom within the company, with specialist knowledge ensuring that a treasured family heirloom, or a more modern item, always achieves the best market price and marketing. A rare Tag Heuer Audi-Sport mens wristwatch being the prime example; achieving £2800 at the Bourne Auction Rooms recently. A fine selection of Rolex, Omega, Breitling and other examples are regularly sold at each saleroom on a monthly basis.

Our watch specialist Jan Squires started her career in the watch department at Garrard and has a passion for this subject.

Works of ArtSold for £15,000 and now in The Tate Collection

Contemporary, 20thC British, Victorian Art, World Pictures 1600 to Present Day and of course Lincolnshire Artists. 

The complex and diverse world of art sales require specialist knowledge and understanding of not only the work itself, but the market in which it is to be offered.

For professional advice contact our Chartered Arts & Antiques Surveyors;

William Gregory MRICS on 07872 455883

Colin Young MRICS on  07976 977169

They will offer advice for the most appropriate sale, a pre-sale estimate to encourage buyers and a reserve if necessary.

RICS Consumer guide Art Antiques 

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